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The Showdown


In 1 Kings 18:20-46 Elijah the prophet is seen setting up a competition.  Earlier he had asked King Ahab to have all the people [...]

The Showdown2021-10-04T09:25:01-04:00

The Passover – Communion Connection


Exodus 12:14 records the time when God told the people of Israel to never forget The Lord’s Passover, that day in Egypt when He saw [...]

The Passover – Communion Connection2020-08-31T20:24:07-04:00

The Robe, The Ring and The Sandals


Well known is the story of the Prodigal Son who became bored and tired of living a life of moral and spiritual excellence.  He decided [...]

The Robe, The Ring and The Sandals2020-08-31T20:14:27-04:00

Shedding The Shackles


Shackles are metal fasteners that were put on the wrists and/or ankles of prisoners to restrain them.  Shackles were binding and confined prisoners by preventing [...]

Shedding The Shackles2020-08-31T19:30:30-04:00

Patience, Perseverance and Trials


2 Peter 1:5 says: “… giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge temperance, to temperance patience, to patience godliness, [...]

Patience, Perseverance and Trials2021-09-20T20:28:12-04:00

The Woman, The Head and The Heel


Christians often think and say that Eve, the first woman was saved through giving birth to children and all women after her have been and [...]

The Woman, The Head and The Heel2020-06-03T16:11:07-04:00