Sound Wave

A Word In Season

Isaiah 42:9 says: "Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them."

Everything God had spoken to His people and told them audibly through the mouths of Prophets had been fulfilled and now the people were being told something new.  God was preparing them for the coming Messiah who would bring justice to the earth and bring all nations to the worship of Himself.  God's word would germinate in the same way as the seed of a plant which cannot be seen until it grows and brings forth its buds; it would spring up like grass does from the earth.

Why did God tell His people what He was going to do far in advance of the event?  He told them so they could make themselves ready for the occasion, walk in expectancy and then recognize that, unlike men, He is true to His word and can be completely trusted.

God speaks to His people today directly through the written Word and by His Spirit as well as through a prophetic voice to confirm His plans and purposes.  A few years ago, God spoke the following word to me for declaration... 

Sound The Alarm


Sound the alarm, sound the alarm,
Fire is burning all around -
Turning to ashes all of the old,
Melting, the silver, melting the gold.

 Gone are the programs made of flesh
I am staging something fresh -
The world will see, close and afar
Who I am and who you are. 

Bending, shaping, molding, making
A cast that will set the earth a quaking -
Script is written, roles are assigned,
The curtain is lifting, don't fall behind.

Sound the alarm, sound the alarm
Fire is burning all around!